About Us


Once upon a time, six sisters were born into one family and oops, along came a baby brother as well.

I am the oldest. The twins and I are only ten months apart in age. In our baby years, most people thought we were triplets.  Two months out of the year, the twins, Karen and Sharon, and I are the same age. So I call ourselves "The Irish Triplets" January through March.  Sixteen months later, Sandy shows up, and surprise, my brother Bill, then Tracey and Liz.

I came to Maui for a three week vacation in 1972, and never left.  I love Maui.  Surfing, swimming, camping, my fellowship, have all been an exciting part of my life here.  The fragrances of the islands are intoxicating, and I try to capture that in my work.  I'm hoping  my product will remind people of their time on Maui.

 My designer loofah soap line was born out of a garage in Waikapu, Maui, in 2009.  I handcraft 12 different fragrances.   My sisters  support, (shout out to Liz, my fastest wrapper yet!)  and opinions truly encouraged me and was greatly appreciated, so in honor of them, SISTERSSOAPSHOP.com is now a reality.    

I would love to honor God for giving me the strength to persevere through His words from Phil 4:6-7, Isaiah  54:2-4, Isaiah 48:17.  He is, happily, my daily inspiration. 

and mahalo nui loa to technologyaloha.com for my beautiful website and to Roger Engel, my husband for ALL of his patience and love and support in this endeavor!